Certifiable Solutions


AOptix has a number of variations and possible uses which all point toward a scalable solution. The iris recognition is held in high regard due to its ability to fit seamlessly into other biometric control solutions as well as be applicable in a number of different industries and environments.

In the airline industry, automated immigration programs as well as checkpoint booths benefit tremendously from products such as the InsightDuo. Its sleek and slim design allows for the processing and verification of large streams of passengers without being too cumbersome or difficult to integrate into the current system.

The InsightVM is deployable in government and corporate environments. If used in conjunction with an existing access control system it will make a formidably secure entrance and exit point. It can be used for turnstile, revolving door and standard door installations. AOptix products have been designed to integrate easily as well as be very easy to use, especially to those who are not tech-savvy.

Both the InSightVM and the InSightDuo support a rapid capture time (less than 6 seconds), a large capture zone (within 1 metre) and have a low failure rate when capturing and matching iris and facial images. With the merging of these features, the VM and the Duo and ready to deliver unmatched performance to applications such as ID Management, IT infrastructure and expedited immigration.