AOptix Technologies: The future


Pretoria, 8 May 2012 – Biometric access control has been under development and constant improvement for decades. Now, however, in the field of iris recognition, we find AOptix Technologies. This company specialises in the commercial development of Adaptive Optics technology (real-time correction of distortions from atmospheric disturbances or object motion) for use in advanced biometrics-based identity solutions.

AOptix Technologies has developed various exceptional iris scanning products that are proficient in various fields. The InSight is being deployed in border security programmes where travellers’ identities can be confirmed at a very high speed using only scanned images of irises and facial features. Law enforcement has also been seen to be using this product as a criminal enrolment program. It is used as a surrogate as well as augmentation for traditional fingerprint and mug-shot methods.

The AOptix InSight employs a multi-step control loop-based process to deliver a fully automated biometric experience. This process finds the subject and captures sublime biometric images of both the iris and the face, with a wide area camera operating in the visible light range.