Airlines turning to Iris recognition technology


Pretoria, 30 May 2012 – Iris recognition systems have seen an increased usage in many industries and have been used with many new applications. One such application that benefits tremendously from this technology is airlines, and more specifically, the verification and processing of travelling air passengers.

Current systems require that administrative personnel are on hand constantly to monitor the high volumes of traffic that are present in everyday air passenger activities. This procedure has proven time-consuming as well as expensive due to all the airline staff it requires to keep passenger traffic flowing steadily.

However, due to the steady increase of iris recognition systems this problem has been met with a very scalable and efficient solution. AOptix systems such as the InsightVM offer proficient scanners that can be used to rapidly and efficiently scan and identify passengers wishing to board, and by referencing with an internal database, can determine if the passengers are liable to travel.

As well as this, blacklist checks can also be performed, thereby enabling airlines to prevent unwanted passengers from boarding aeroplanes