KND launches new vessel in Simonstown


KND, is a South African organisation comprising two companies, a naval architectural & design company and a ship building company, known as KND Projects.

KND Naval Design has a design office in Woodstock, Cape Town and KND Projects has  manufacturing premises located within the Simon’s Town Naval Dockyard. Kobus Potgieter, a South African Naval Architect and founder acts as CEO of the Naval Design company and James Fisher acts as CEO of the ship building company based in Simon’s Town.

KND designs and builds various vessel designs, either as a completely South African designs, or in collaberation with international Naval Architectural companies.

The vessel launching on Friday the 28th of January, OPS 301, is a completely South African designed and built vessel.

During 2009 KND Projects signed a contract with a vessel operating company based in Nigeria to design and manufacture a small fleet of High Speed Ballistic protected aluminium vessels to transport crew safely to and from the oil rigs. The vessels will initially provide services to Shell Oil Company. Each vessel will generate approximately R50m in revenue and will employ the services of 300 employees and experts in various fields.

After a 5 month design phase and a nine month construction phase, on Friday the 28th of January KND will be launching OPS 301. OPS 301 is a 30m Aluminium high speed crew & patrol vessel. The ceremony will take place at the main shed in front of the synchrolift and will be attended by over 250 guests including Rear Admiral Umosen who is second in command of the Nigerian Navy.

The Nigerian Navy who work closely with the vessel owners will be providing personnel to crew the vessel. This forms part of the Nigerian Navy’s ongoing commitment to stamp out piracy and lawlessness at sea.

During January 2011 two attacks have taken place off the West Coast of Africa and as close as seven nautical miles off shore from Lagos, Nigeria. Concerns relating to the spread of attacks as seen off the Somali Coast where 39 vessels have been seized in January alone are of a major concern to countries all around the African continent.

OPS 301 has the design framework to carry up to 60 passengers with accommodation for crew of 12. The vessel is powered by three Caterpillar C32 engines linked through to correspondingly powerful MJP triple jets. The Ballistic protected state of the art Aluminium vessel will travel up to and over 30 knots.

The vessel is the first ship to be built in Simon’s Town since World War 2 and certainly the first Aluminium vessel of it’s size to be built in Simon’s Town. Aluminium is the current world-wide material of choice for high speed patrol vessels and other vessels up to 120m in length.

KND has worked closely with Armscor who manage the facilities within the dockyard locality to try to re-generate skills and employment within the area.

The partnership with Armscor has run smoothly and KND hopes to work more closely with the role players within the dockyard to formulate ways to further enhance facilities and training to get Simon’s Town back to the engineering centre of excellence it once was.

Traditional belief has told us that we cannot build ships as well as our

“These are early days, but the signs are encouraging!”, “Entrenched traditional belief has told us that we cannot build ships in South Africa as well as our friends around the world,- this is nonsense, we can do it!” comments James Fisher, CEO KND Projects.

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