ITTC: Beyond Operational Training


The International Tactical Training Centre (ITTC), an elite facility in Canada, provides training solutions to fill individual military gaps. Air arms are replacing their fleets of strike fighters as existing aircraft technology grows obsolete and NATO partners are upgrading their capability for aerial warfare.

Militaries must realise that tactical training has also evolved beyond the operational training provided by fighter jet manufacturers. After spending the major portion of budget on fighter jet acquisition, militaries require cost-effective and customized training for their specific application.

The strategic training needs analysis conducted at ITTC for each individual customer, allows ITTC’s experts to recommend training solutions that take advantage of downloading training from front line fighters to lower cost trainers. ITTC also takes advantage of ground based simulation (GBTS) to enhance flying sorties and offload some training content, ultimately resulting in lower training costs while not sacrificing training quality. Budget is an issue for all military organisations and often the industry supplied aircraft operational training is offered as part of a large acquisition package. The training offered by OEMs is usually at a fixed location conducted with high-fidelity simulation and high-cost courseware and these training bundles are developed on a large scale and with high overhead cost. Programme development results in an immense cost for the customer, effectively pricing many militaries out of this training option.

The customized training offered at ITTC takes advantage of off-the-shelf solutions for simulation and tactical scenario development. Accessible options are offered at a much lower cost than manufacturer-provided training resources. These training solutions, especially in the boom of simulation, virtual reality and mixed reality, can very accurately mimic or, in some cases, outperform traditional training programmes.

Another contributor to lower cost training is training value. Most industry provided training solutions are produced on a large scale and therefore lack flexibility. As a result, customers receive a bundle of prepackaged training with little ability to achieve specific goals and objectives. These generic packages increase the cost of training because the customer is forced to pay for a package of training that does not completely satisfy their requirements.

“The greatest strength of ITTC is innovative and technologically advanced training solutions catered to the specific individual needs of the customer,” says Brendan Pierce, ITTC Head of Training. ITTC customized training programmes are specific to geostrategic threats and assets to keep pilots effective and lethal in the face of evolving risk. Graduates, from over 25 countries, have trained in Canada and/or their countries and ITTC is the only private entity in the world to offer this high-level military training. With tailored course content, small instructor to student ratios and experienced expert instructors, it is evident why ITTC continues to be the choice for tactical training.

Fighter Lead-In Training (FLIT) delivers 21st century air power capability focusing on student flying ability, situational awareness, and tactical ability. FLIT includes the Jet Conversion Training Stage, a Tactical Weapons phase, and an Advanced Tactical Stage. Other topflight programmes include Fighter Weapons Instructor Course (FWIC), Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), Electronic Warfare, Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), NVG, Ship/Helicopter Operating Limits and multiple Advanced Weapons and Tactics courses.

ITTC accomplishes training objectives through its Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre (AASC). Simulators feature high definition 4K displays that are networked allowing mixed fighter force missions and air combat maneuvering instrumentation (ACMI) that allows for full playback capability. Live Virtual Constructive Training (LVCT) enables pilots to interact with simulated friendly and enemy forces in high risk, high demand air spaces. The simulator centre uses four F-35A domed simulators that can also replicate F-35B in addition to four F/A-18E/F domes. Other state-of-the-art learning tools are four F-16C, a multi-role rotary-wing, and numerous other simulators to build a strong foundation for combat capable graduates.

Ultimately, ITTC teaches students to safely fly complex missions that are relevant to the needs of individual air arms requirements. With unchallenged success in delivering cost-effective, tailored programmes to date, the International Tactical Training Centre provides fighter pilots with the tactical skills to effectively thrive in current and future battlespace.

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