Airbus Defence and Space launches new wideband datalink family Lygarion


Airbus Defence and Space has launched a new wideband datalink  family. Branded “Lygarion”, the new generation of reliable solutions enables secure exchange of real-time data between moving airborne as well as maritime platforms and deployable control stations. Main purposes cover intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as secure command and control of platforms and weapons in order to support terrestrial and maritime operations.

The core of the product family is based on a modulation- and demodulation-device, which incorporates the latest digital and radio frequency technological advantages, enabling higher data throughputs, robust and discrete programmable radio waveforms.

This new line-of-sight as well as beyond-line-of-sight modem is a high-end software radio module enabling simplified management of directional-antenna-based long range digital communications. Together with smart antennas and power amplifiers, it constitutes a unique datalink family. The particular solution can be adapted to the mission and integrated to the respective platform and thus be further enhanced.

With Lygarion, Airbus Defence and Space fosters its know-how on platform-agnostic interoperable datalinks and consolidates its technological breakthrough in the domain of wideband data communications. It offers a high level of protection against electromagnetic interferences and jamming on operational sites.

Lygarion is the ideal wideband radio communication ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)-free product for the newer platforms as well as for upgrade of existing ones such as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) missiles, helicopters, aircraft and ships. Its modular innovative structure allows it to achieve the most adapted level of performances (range, data rate, security level). Depending on platform and customer requirement level, it covers either top performance (class A) or cost-efficient intermediate (class B) data communications solutions.