Imperial Armour in Brazil


As part of the Aerospace, Defence and Security Programme led by the Department of Trade and Industry, Imperial Armour was one of 35 South African advanced manufacturers selected to participate in the Investment and Trade Initiative to Brazil.

Imperial Armour was founded in 2000, and has become a world leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment. It is proud to be considered as one of the leading South African companies, with highly specialised skills and products. The initiative presented Imperial Armour with various opportunities to market its company in Brazil, as well as to collaborate in projects with Brazilian companies, with the view of engaging with Brazilian entities on projects to realise the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup.

The company is recognised as the top gender empowered company in South Africa, and is widely supported by industry as a “one-stop manufacturing company” which supplies military, police, fire, emergency services, demining and marines to over 75 countries worldwide.

Imperial Armour focuses on research and development, allowing it to introduce innovative solutions. It is a company known for building and maintaining strong relationships with its clients due to its credibility and reliability, giving it freedom to offer customised and branded solutions. The visit to Brazil ensured that Imperial Armour received exposure to the relevant business audience in Brazil, and the company believes it has made good inroads.