Portsmouth Aviation first in UK to improve business agility with IFS Applications 8


IFS, the global enterprise applications company, today announces that Portsmouth Aviation, one of the UK’s leading mechanical and aeronautical engineering companies, has chosen IFS Applications 8 to streamline operations and improve business agility.

Portsmouth Aviation, a current IFS customer, is one of the first companies in the world to participate in the IFS Applications 8 Early Adopter programme, and to benefit from the enhanced features of the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) application.

IFS Applications 8, the latest version of IFS’ ERP application, includes a number of functional improvements and is developed in close co-operation between IFS and its customers. Portsmouth Aviation is one of a handful of IFS early adopters around the world, working closely with IFS research and development teams to ensure that the release will meet the demanding standards of IFS customers.

Founded 80 years ago as a flying service, Portsmouth Aviation has evolved several times since then, and in recent years, has successfully diversified into a business that conducts mass manufacturing and bespoke manufacturing projects. The company has been an IFS customer since 2005, and cites IFS Applications as a key enabler of both its recent transformation and its continuing growth. At present, the company uses IFS Applications for document management, human resources, finance and e-invoicing, maintenance, customer management and product data management.

Portsmouth Aviation has chosen to implement IFS Applications 8 in order to access the user-friendly and customisable IFS Enterprise Explorer (IEE) user interface as a standard part of the solution. The interface is based on the latest usability research and offers many intuitive features for filtering, searching and navigating data in order to suit each individual role and competency within a company.

James Greaves, Systems Manager at Portsmouth Aviation, says: “Everyone at the company logs into IFS Applications first thing in the morning, and uses it throughout the day, so a clear and easy-to-use interface is vital. We’ve always found IFS Applications very usable, but improvements in IFS Applications 8, such as the new customisable data fields, will no doubt enhance our productivity further – among other benefits. The application’s component-based architecture has allowed us to tailor the system to suit our needs as we have evolved and grown. It’s clear that we’ll be able to continue doing this with IFS Applications 8, and keep streamlining our business processes, reducing operational costs, and improving profitability.”

Paul Massey, Managing Director at IFS Europe West, says: “IFS Applications 8 contains a number of innovations that benefit engineering companies like Portsmouth Aviation, including a more intuitive interface, enabling better data quality, and user-defined fields, making the interface customisable and thereby a better fit for all users, regardless of position or competency. By participating in the Early Adopter programme, Portsmouth Aviation will influence the development of the application, and be one of the first companies in the world to enjoy its enhanced functionality.”