High Performance Portable Ground Surveillance Radar – Innovative and Field-Proven


The efficiency of mobile forces tasked with securing border areas, critical infrastructure, and other vital assets is, of course, dependent upon training, experience, and effective doctrine. But the availability of high performance surveillance equipment is of no less importance in facilitating reliable detection of threats in all weather conditions and at the necessary standoff ranges.

In response to the latter, ELTA Systems Ltd., the defense electronics subsidiary of IAI, Israel’s largest aerospace and defence company, has leveraged its extensive experience in the design, development and production of advanced radar systems to field the fifth generation ELM-2180  Portable Ground Surveillance Radar System. Compact, lightweight (23kg), reliable and cost-effective, ELM-2180 provides effective detection and classification of human and vehicular traffic in all weather conditions. Easily carried and deployed by a two-man crew, ELM-2180 employs staring and electronic-steering search techniques to optimize the radar’s operation for any scenario and thus provide military and paramilitary forces with the ability to reliably detect, locate, and track the movement of hostile forces, terrorist squads, poachers, smugglers and other threats. Furthermore, the system is able to accurately determine impact points of artillery and mortar rounds to support accurate target acquisition and fire support.

ELTA’s Ground Surveillance Radar in a surveillance mission.

The ELM-2180 Radar System offers important performance advantages, including: 90° track while scan coverage with high update rate; the ability to perform simultaneous surveillance and shot impact detection; and Automatic Target Recognition (ATR). The radar also provides long detections ranges – 12 km for personnel and 20 km for vehicles. Finally, the system is easily integrated with existing C4I systems.

Proof positive of the performance and value of the ELM-2180 is evident in the decision by Germany’s Land Forces to acquire a large number of these flexible radar systems in response to their BARU (ground-based reconnaissance and area monitoring system) Program. The ELM-2180 will provide a consolidated replacement for a number of legacy Bundeswehr radars, including: PARA (tank reconnaissance radar); ABRA (artillery observation radar); LEGAR 1 (battlefield reconnaissance radar); and BOR-A 550 (ground surveillance radar unit 550).

Since its formation over five decades ago ELTA has established itself as a global leader in the design, development and production of advanced sensors and systems, including high performance ground surveillance radar systems. ELTA’s proven solutions encompass air, land, sea and space applications and its customer base includes Defense, Paramilitary, Government and Law Enforcement organizations. ELTA’s dedicated Land Division, responsible for the design and development of ELM-2180, develops end-to-end solutions for ground forces and homeland security programs. These include: a range of stand-alone sensors; manned all-terrain vehicles; Unmanned Autonomous Ground Vehicles (UAGV); integrated systems for border, coastal and site protection; Counter Rocket Artillery Missile (C-RAM) and Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS); and Counter IED & Mines (CIMS). ELTA  is committed to continuing this successful legacy with a holistic approach that provides operators and commanders with the cutting-edge solutions needed for mission success.