Hensoldt finalises separation from Airbus


The defence electronics solutions provider Hensoldt has finalised the separation process from former parent company Airbus Group SE (stock exchange symbol: AIR).

Following the buy-back of the remaining 25.1% share from Airbus, Hensoldt is now addressing the global sensor markets in a fully independent way. Two years ago, Airbus had sold its defence electronics business to the global investment company KKR, yet retained a share of 25.1% in order to ensure a smooth separation of business operations.

This final step to become a fully independent company follows the successful integration of Hensoldt’s business activities in France, completed by the physical separation of all Hensoldt sites from Airbus earlier this year.

“I am very proud that we have achieved the separation 10 months ahead of schedule,” said Hensoldt CEO Thomas Muller. “I would like to thank all Airbus colleagues who have worked together with us in an extraordinarily constructive spirit to make this happen. This gives us another boost to be an independent and highly innovative solutions provider. Opening up new channels with platform manufacturers around the globe will help us to grow our business significantly over the coming years.”

Hensoldt provides sensor-solutions in air, sea and land applications to armed forces and security authorities. These include the protection of critical infrastructure, air defence, airborne self-protection, signal intelligence and data links, as well as thermal imaging and optronic targeting. Furthermore, its portfolio comprises mission avionics equipment such as computers, mission planning devices and situational awareness systems for helicopters.

Hensoldt is a key contributor to major European defence acquisition programmes and has demonstrated its global reach by winning a number of international contracts. Among the most prominent air and space platforms equipped by Hensoldt are the F-16, Eurofighter, Gripen and Rafale combat aircraft, the Tandem-X and EDRS-A satellites, the A400M transport aircraft, as well as helicopters of various types.

Furthermore, the company provides mission-critical equipment to the Puma and Leopard II armoured vehicles, the class 212 and 209 submarines, the US Navy “Freedom” class Littoral Combat Ship and the German Navy K130 Corvette. Hensoldt’s sight- and night-vision optics have also been chosen for the German Future Soldier Programme “Infanterist der Zukunft”.

Innovation is deeply embedded in Hensoldt’s DNA. Leading-edge solutions like the modular counter-UAV system XPeller, which protects critical infrastructures against drones, and the passive radar system TwInvis that provides a common air picture without any active emission, stand proof of Hensoldt’s highly advanced technologies. In addition, Hensoldt advances a number of strategic technologies defined by the German government, which are well suited for prominent roles in future programmes like TLVS, MKS-180, Eurofighter AESA radar, the Heavy Transport Helicopter and airborne SIGINT.