Hensoldt consolidates its South African subsidiaries under single brand


Hensoldt, the leading sensor solutions house, will consolidate its two South African subsidiaries GEW Technologies and Hensoldt Optronics under the Hensoldt brand, thus creating a single point of entry for its South African business.

“Consolidating GEW and Optronics under the Hensoldt brand is an important strategic step towards future growth of our South African business,” said Thomas Müller, CEO of Hensoldt. “We will leverage the power of the Hensoldt brand and our global footprint to open new market opportunities for our South African business.”

“This is only a first step towards our Hensoldt South Africa growth strategy and the creation of a South African sensor solution house,” said Celia Pelaz, member of Hensoldt’s Executive Committee and responsible for the strategic development of Hensoldt in South Africa. “We are committed to further investing in the growth of our South African footprint and support President Ramaphosa’s announced investment drive. Our experience in the country shows that international investment and co-operation added to local infrastructure, skills and capacity is the perfect mix for business success and local economy growth.”

GEW Technologies, with approximately 300 employees, is a leading solution provider for electronic warfare, spectrum monitoring and security. Founded in 1968, GEW celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. “Using the Hensoldt brand will help marketing our products and we are looking forward to becoming Hensoldt South Africa, together with our sister company Hensoldt Optronics,” said Hennie Venter, responsible for the GEW Technologies business since the beginning of September. “We are definitely growing our business and continuing to serve our customers with the solutions and support they have come to expect from us in five decades.”

Hensoldt Optronics South Africa, employing approximately 300 highly skilled personnel, focuses on the design and supply of specialised optical payloads like the Argos and Goshawk airborne targeting and surveillance electro-optical systems and associated multi-spectral sensors, laser rangefinders, handheld observation systems as well as periscopes for the new build and retrofit submarine market. Hensoldt Optronics has been in business for more than 45 years and has a rich and varied history in electro-optical systems.

“Uniting with our sister company GEW Technologies under the Hensoldt brand will help to strengthen our footprint in South Africa and also opens new business opportunities and markets for us,” said Deon Olivier, manager of the Hensoldt Optronics South Africa business.