TEWS (Tactical electronic warfare), your intelligence weapon of choice


As defence and security forces look to gain the edge in the next generation of conflict technology, integrated intelligence ecosystems are becoming increasingly prominent on today’s electronic battlefield. Specialised standalone products have their place and play a crucial role, but combining these advanced technologies into coherent multi-sensor, multi-platform systems offers true spectrum dominance. Optimal integration of advanced deployable technologies with real-time data exchange make tactical electronic warfare systems (TEWS) the weapons of choice.

Hensoldt’s tactical EW systems

Hensoldt South Africa (previously GEW) is a market leader in providing fully-integrated, turnkey tactical EW systems, expertly incorporating interconnected and diverse entities into advanced systems that seamlessly offer situational awareness, intelligence and countermeasures. These systems integrate the latest and most advanced GEW products and solutions for fast wideband interception, monitoring, direction-finding, analysis and jamming in the HF, V/UHF and SHF frequency bands. “Because of our high-tech products and exceptional integration, our systems are at the forefront of technology and capabilities, with unparalleled reliability,” says Dr Naudé Scribante, Senior Executive of EW Systems at Hensoldt South Africa.

The TEWS advantage

The primary purpose of a tactical EW system is to enable the battlefield commander to detect, locate, and identify the enemy using electronic COMINT and ELINT support measures that provide real-time information for on-the-spot intelligence dissemination. This intelligence provides situational awareness, including the size and disposition of enemy forces, as well as electronic order-of-battle awareness. The commander can then also deny the enemy the use of the electromagnetic spectrum with the employment of electronic attack systems, which deny, disrupt or degrade the enemy’s ability to communicate, coordinate and employ radar for surveillance and targeting. The secondary purpose of the system is to supply the intercepted information to the strategic domain for processing, validation, analysis and decision-making.

Tactical EW systems range from single stations operating in standalone mode, to multiple interconnected stations operating in a fully integrated EW ecosystem, with capabilities configured and deployed for optimal performance in the theatre of operations. Tailored to the unique needs of clients and their operating environments, Hensoldt’s tactical EW systems are designed to be platform independent, forming modular systems comprising integrated networks of man-pack, transportable, mobile and semi-mobile deployments.

The hub of this ecosystem is the EW command and control software system, providing up-to-date situational awareness, informed mission planning, real-time mission control and accurate threat management. Through effective deployment planning, online task-distribution and real-time collation of task results, the true benefit of the system’s sensors and effectors are unleashed.

Why Hensoldt?

Hensoldt has almost 30 years’ experience in large-scale tactical EW systems and have become market leaders in this domain, having supplied hundreds of stations that form part of large-scale integrated ecosystems. These systems are operational in a number of countries across the globe and many have been in service for decades, being maintained and upgraded by Hensoldt since its installation. “Not only are we proud of the vast breadth of systems we have delivered, but also of the partnerships we have provided to our clients in the process,” says Scribante. “We don’t simply hand over cookie-cutter solutions, we focus on addressing the unique needs of each client and help to maximise the serviceability of their systems throughout its lifetime.” Hensoldt has teams of specialists committed to supporting its systems throughout the world – assisting clients with in-country technical and logistics support, continuous training, long-term maintenance, repairs and upgrades. During the current global pandemic, we continue to support the missions of our clients and offer these services remotely, or on-site in locations where we have stationed personnel.