HENSOLDT selected to deliver spectrum management system


Pretoria, South Africa, 19 October 2021 – HENSOLDT South Africa has been selected to provide a state-of-the-art, nationwide spectrum-management system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the country’s Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC).

CITC is concentrating efforts on optimising the utilisation of the frequency spectrum as a key resource in the Kingdom by creating a sophisticated regulatory environment. As part of this, CITC is partnering with HENSOLDT to establish a national spectrum monitoring and management network. HENSOLDT is in the process of delivering a nationwide spectrum monitoring system consisting of mobile, transportable and fixed monitoring stations, as well as regional and national control centres. The further delivery of a new spectrum management system will establish a robust and modern regulatory environment, enabling the regulator to effectively manage this valuable resource.

Rapidly growing economies such as those in the Middle East, with emerging smart cities and digital societies, depend heavily on the electromagnetic spectrum as people, devices, homes, equipment, transportation and other technologies become more interconnected. Because of this, the electromagnetic spectrum is considered a critical resource and a national asset for technological advancement and economic growth, which is why government regulatory bodies are focusing on monitoring and managing this resource to maximise its benefit and prevent misuse and pollution of the spectrum. The scale of the spectrum management sphere has become so vast and complex, that smart technologies and services have become a critical tool for regulators.

HENSOLDT South Africa is delivering a bespoke version of its GEW® SkyManager solution, an advanced software ecosystem for strategic spectrum management. The management system’s machine learning technology draws intelligence from the big data produced by the monitoring system, transforming the infinite mass of data into actionable intelligence. This empowers the regulator to rapidly act on current spectrum demand and proactively anticipate future needs. The system’s smart processing guides operators through complex processes and automates day-to-day spectrum management activities such as spectrum licence management, type approval, occupancy analysis, frequency allocation management and fee-calculations. This creates a user-friendly experience for system operators and their licence users, while reducing unnecessary risk or delays in the licencing process and ensuring excellent data integrity. With the Kingdom’s vision of being among the top 20 ICT nations by 2030, the system’s highly scalable architecture comes as a further essential benefit, as it is an adaptive regulatory mechanism that can evolve within a fast-growing industry.

As a long-standing technology partner to the country, HENSOLDT is collaborating with CITC to achieve the Kingdom’s ambitious economic growth strategies. “These projects proudly build on a history of more than two decades as a reputable supplier to our clients in the Middle East,” says Hennie Venter, Chief Executive of HENSOLDT South Africa’s GEW Business Unit. “We have delivered a range of solutions to the Kingdom and are trusted for in-country support and maintenance,” says Venter. HENSOLDT is supporting CITC’s role in building a thriving digital economy by utilising and investing in local workforce, enhancing local technical capability and establishing a robust and cutting-edge regulatory environment.

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