Global Armour targets Asia for growth


Global Armour, a leading manufacturer of personal protection equipment with manufacturing facilities in Durban, South Africa and Belfast, Northern Ireland is looking to set up a new manufacturing operation in Asia by the end of 2006.

Richard Garland, Chief Executive of Global Armour explained that “we have witnessed a significant growth in our business in Asia over the last 12-18 months and it is essential for Global Armour to have manufacturing operations in each geographical region so that we can service more effectively the needs of all our clients, irrespective of where they are based”

Global Armour SA in South Africa manufactures body armour, armour plates and ballistic helmets and targets clients based in Africa and the Middle East. Global Armour Highmark in the UK manufactures body armour and focuses on clients based in Europe. The new company will eventually manufacture both body armour and ballistic helmets and will look after clients based in Asia.

“We have had discussions with many companies based in Asia about setting up joint ventures and we are in the final stages of deciding in which country or countries in Asia we will establish the new manufacturing operations. We are very excited about the growth prospects for personal protection in Asia and want to ensure that Global Armour has a local presence in the region to capture this growth” said Mr Garland.