Grintek Ewation launches GMJ9000 man-portable RCIED jammer


Far too many casualties are caused by radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED). One only has to look at news highlights for very vivid proof of this. This equipment is designed to prevent this!

Grintek Ewation, the South Africa-based expert in communications intelligence, has launched the GMJ9000 man-portable RCIED jammer, which is designed to prevent the detonation of radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) which have become a serious threat in many peacekeeping and low-intensity conflict scenarios.

Meeting the challenge set by modern RCIED, the GMJ9000 series of jammers utilises the latest RF and digital signal synthesis technology to achieve outstanding suppression of remote activation signals.

Broadband antennas, highly efficient electronic circuitry and sophisticated countermeasure algorithms combine in a cutting-edge solution to short-range RCIED protection requirements. The unit defends against radio controlled explosive devices by utilising a wideband radio frequency transmitter to create radio interference that prevents the device from triggering. This interference blocks radio signals from cellphones, walkie talkies and satellite phones as well as all popular communication equipment used as triggering devices for remote controlled bombs.

The GMJ9000 unit has the following key features:

  • Rugged, man-portable RCIED jammer built into a sturdy backpack
  • Coverage:
    • 20MHz to 500MHz (GMJ9000V)
    • 500MHz to 2.5GHz (GMJ9000U)
  • Able to jam multiple threats simultaneously
  • Blocked bands definable for preventing disruption of own force communications
  • Counters for new threats easily added by trained personnel
  • Long mission endurance
  • Use of standard military batteries (BB-2590) to ease logistics
  • A mobile RCIED jammer which may be mounted into vehicles and used in convoy protection is also available.

    Carel van der Merwe, CEO of Grintek Ewation, says: “The GMJ9000 series of RCIED jammers will contribute towards safekeeping of personnel and equipment deployed in low-intensity conflict or peacekeeping operations, efficiently preventing the detonation of radio controlled explosive devices while allowing the soldier to focus on his primary mission.”

    Grintek Ewation also produces the GMJ10000 mobile jammer unit which may be mounted onto vehicles in order to provide higher power and longer mission duration.