Getac F110 Fully Rugged Tablets Help US Air Force Work Safely with Munitions


Getac Technology Corporation, a global authority on rugged computing solutions, has announced that the United States Air Force has chosen its F110 fully rugged tablet as the standard mobile device for munitions management.

The USAF requires careful handling, storing, and transporting of munitions. Stringent electromagnetic radiation rules inhibit the use of wireless technology near electrically initiated devices and explosives. A device transmitting with excessive signals could cause an inadvertent explosion – an unthinkable disaster that the Air Force decided to solve by simply banning all unapproved electronic/transmitting devices from munitions storage areas.

The USAF looked for a way to upgrade and sustain the existing IT devices. At the same time, it looked to develop a path to the future with little restraint except to consolidate and update the munitions IT capabilities. The goal was to allow the device to connect to network resources anywhere technicians could roam.

The device needed to be Air Force network compliant, have an integrated barcode reader (important for managing munitions inventory), and have integrated support for the Air Force’s common access card reader. It had to support the full complement of USAF software to maintain hundreds of manuals and spec sheets, and it needed on-demand wireless accessand wired LAN to receive updates.

Enter Getac F110, the 11.6” fully rugged tablet that’s designed for use in extreme environments. It meets the USAF’s strict requirements, and more. The F110 is certified to MILD-STD 810G and MIL-STD 461G. It has an IP65 rating, meaning it is protected against water, dust, shock, and vibration. It can operate safely in very close proximity to explosives – and in the heat of the desert or the middle of a blizzard. The F110 can be mounted on an office dock and connected to accessories such as a barcode scanner and printer, giving the USAF the ability to process movements of munitions in real time.

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