Cristanini launch their new Vapor Vacuum – M8 System in South Africa


In their quest to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Cristanini, the world’s leading CBRN supplier with 48 years of experience in the field, have developed a complete system that offers safety, certainty and efficiency.

Headquartered in Italy, initially the European hot spot for COVID-19, Cristanini have been actively involved in the battle against COVID-19.  Based on their actual field experience they developed a system that can be used almost anywhere by almost anyone.

The Vapor Vacuum System is composed of 8 modules for disinfection / decontamination of harmful diseases, including COVID-19, in enclosed spaces.

The heart of the system is the Vapor Vacuum-M, a longstanding Cristanini product which produces saturated steam for the decontamination and disinfection of volumes of up to 100m³ such as offices, homes, hospitals, clinics, care homes, interiors of vehicles contaminated with organic material such as ambulances, metros, trains, public emergency vehicles, etc.

The system also contains a nebulizer which produces micro drops of 5÷20 microns for the decontamination / disinfection of large internal volumes of: emergency vehicles, buses, metros, trains, special vehicles, gyms, schools, offices, barracks, semi-opened buildings, etc..

This module is suitable for volumes from about 100 m³ to 400 m³

There is also an Airless nebulizer for the disinfection / decontamination of people, equipment and surfaces.  This module is particularly useful in the disinfection / decontamination of working spaces, vehicles and clothed people.

The kit also contains all the lances, tripods and universal brackets to make it a fully self-contained system.

Another unique feature of the system is that it contains test vials and an anemometer to enable the operator to verify that the decontaminant has reached all the targeted locations and in the correct concentrations to achieve the desired levels of decontamination.

The actual decontaminant is the renowned Cristanini BX65 which is a tried, proven and certified liquid decontaminant.

Cristanini are represented in South Africa by ECM Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

More information on the M8 System can be found here.

About ECM Technologies (Pty) Ltd.
Established in South Africa in 1985, ECM Technologies is a highly specialised technology-driven company with 35 years of experience in the supply of superior solutions to the defence industry. The company is South Africa’s leading supplier of CBRN defence solutions. The company also specialises in optics and electro optics, EOD/C-IED (bomb disposal) equipment, runflat systems for armoured vehicles and modular steel bridging systems.

About Cristanini CBRN
The Cristanini SpA was founded in 1972 and has a long worldwide history in the field of high pressure technology – with a strong presence around the world – and offers a full range of civil protection equipment, industrial and military. The Cristanini unmatched experience and know-how are the result of years of research, applied engineering, the production of accessories and equipment in order to offer innovative solutions in the field of CBRN decontamination.

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