Another successful Springbuck APC consignment on its way to Africa


Drakensberg Truck Manufactures is a privately owned South African armoured vehicles company, specializing in the design and manufacture of armoured and landmine protected vehicles, as well as the refurbishing and maintenance of ex-military vehicles. DTM was established in 1986 and is situated in Pretoria, utilizing combined management experience of more than 75 years in this specialized field.

The Springbuck APC, which derived its name from the antelope known for its toughness and sure-footed dexterity, is owned in its design and entirety by DTM.

The Springbuck range of armoured personnel carriers are designed for ease of operation and repair, using internationally available drive-line components for assured reliability as well as availability of parts. This permanent 4×4 vehicle not only boast exceptional manoeuvrability but with its powerful MWM engine also handles effortlessly on the open road. Special attention has been given to the ergonomics of the driver and its 10 passengers.

With a ballistic protection of B6 upgradeable to B7, the all-steel armoured v-shaped monocoque hull is designed to withstand a TM57 landmine or equivalent under the hull or two under any wheel. The standard Springbuck APC configuration can be easily adapted to various applications and by the addition of turret-mounted weaponry can be effectively used as a combat vehicle.

Our Springbuck armoured personnel carriers have successfully been used for various peace keeping applications throughout the African continent and abroad.