Power Cartridges


The department Power Cartridges originally developed as part of the PMP small calibre department during the early 1980s. In 1990, it was moved to a separate facility, and then became part of the PMPdetonics department.

During 1993, the team was strengthened when personnel from Advena Laboratories joined the PMP team. Since then, PMP has gained experience in designing, manufacturing and management of high-technology systems, quality management and an excellent track record of customer support.

The abovementioned skills and experience has led to the development and manufacturing of the following power cartridges and pyrotechnical systems, which comply with military standards for our local and various foreign Air Forces.

– Cable cutting cartridges

– Target drone recovery cartridges

– Target ejector cartridges

– Parachute deployment cartridges

– Cartridges for various fire extinguisher systems

– Linear cutting charges (lead or aluminium sheathing)

– Mild detonating cord (lead or aluminium sheathing)

– Crew escape systems

– Canopy fragmentation systems

PMP manufactures all the power cartridges used by the South African Air Force, many of them under licence from Martin Baker, who is one of the largest manufacturers of ejection seats in the world.

* Ejection seat cartridges

* Seat ejection rocket motors

The procurement of the new aircraft by the SANDF, (Gripen, Hawk, A109 and Lynx) has opened the scope for power cartridges and widened our product base.