PAW 20 x 42mmB weapon system


Xhead = General description – NEOPUP PAW 20mm

The primary mission of small arms development is to increase individual hit probability. New developments in the field of infantry weapons are beginning to focus on compact weapons, which are able to deliver bursting munitions.

The use of bursting munitions reduces the need for extremely accurate systems to increase hit probability. In most cases, bursting munitions need only be delivered in the immediate vicinity of a target to neutralise it.

The new PAW (Personal Area Weapon) 20mm weapon’s application is direct or suppressive. Its effectiveness should extend to targets which are under cover. The psychological effectiveness of bursting munitions will be an order of magnitude greater than weapons firing inert ball ammunition.

A new layout was devised, which could isolate the user as much as possible from the recoil. This new layout solves the problem in a unique way.

Xhead = The role of PAW 20 x 42mmB

PAW is a semi-automatic gun, which is intended for use as a highly mobile infantry weapon. PAW fires high-performance 20mm ammunition, using a relatively short cartridge case, at a muzzle velocity of 310m/s.

Intended targets for PAW 20mm are infantry in the open and behind cover, as well as un-armoured or lightly armoured vehicles. Maximum range for PAW 20mm is 1 000 metres. This is stated for area targets such as a group of soldiers, against point targets such as small vehicles or machine gun positions. The effective accurate range is 500 metres. Its relatively short time of flight and flat trajectory make it possible to engage targets out to this 500m range effectively.

The weapon is equipped with a well calibrated, easy-to-use ballistic compensator, which is marked in 50m increments from 100m to 1 000m. PAW can deliver an accurate high explosive capability to well beyond the range of any existing grenade launcher.

The compact configuration of the PAW makes it a highly flexible and portable weapon for use by a section, platoon, as well as special operations, individual infantry or marine soldiers.

The cost of deploying troops to distant theatres is high; the numbers of these troops are always limited. Heavy assets such as artillery or airpower are not always available. The asymmetric nature of conflict today requires weapons that are highly mobile and capable. PAW fills a need, which is not met by infantry weapons, as they exist.

Rugged simplicity is desirable in any weapon system, easy to operate and easy to strip without tools. PAW does not rely on high rates of fire, which consume large quantities of ammunition to achieve its effect. The work of neutralising an enemy is built into the ammunition, not the weapon.

Its semi-auto and quick reload magazine allows a soldier to deliver sustained, accurate, devastating blows out to a much further range than has been possible with existing grenade launchers.

Xhead = 20 x 42mmB ammunition for the PAW weapon

The range of ammunition consists of the following:

HEI: High Explosive Incendiary with a direct action impact nose fuse.
SAPHEI: High Explosive Incendiary with a base fuse with slight delay.
PRAC: A ball round that can be used for training as well as warfare.
PRAC-T: A ball round equipped with a tracer that can be used for training as well as warfare.

The HEI is very effective against light targets when immediate detonation, fragmentation and incendiary effect is required.

The SAPHEI is more effective against targets with more resistance, as it has penetration properties and a slight delay in the fuse action so that the detonation takes place after penetration.