First new range of South African hunting ammunition in 16 years


At a prestigious occasion on 6 November, PMP launched its new elite range of hunting ammunition. According to Carel Wolhuter, CEO of PMP, this is the first new range of hunting ammunition developed on South African soil over the past 16 years – since the ProAmm range manufactured since 1992.

The new range is called the “African Elite” series, and will be available at all dealers in South Africa and Namibia in very attractive packaging, and was fully developed by PMP.

Wolhuter said the new range will fit in very well with PMP’s existing Standard, ProAmm and Super ranges, which are already known over the world for excellent performance and value for the hunter’s money.

The “African Elite” range consists of the more popular bush calibres presently used in South Africa, and will be used mostly in bushveld conditions, where hunting takes place with slightly heavier bullets over shorter distances. The following calibres are manufactured:

.375 H & H Magnum 300gr

.300 Winchester Magnum 200gr

.30-06 Springfield 180gr

.308 Winchester 180gr

The ammunition is loaded with the internationally proven Swift A-Frame bullets, which PMP imports directly from Swift in the USA. This premium hunting round is “aimed” at the more selective hunter, and for the international hunter who struggles to bring his ammunition and rifles to South Africa, and will be considerably more expensive than existing ranges of PMP.

A number of influential persons from the hunting fraternity attended the launch, among other Bill Hober, the president of Swift in America, and Dr Lukas Potgieter, a well-known face on the South African hunting scene, as well as media representatives from hunting magazines. They expressed their support for the new hunting range, and congratulated PMP on the development thereof.

The launch forms part of PMP’s 70-year celebrations, as the roots of the company go back to 1938, when the first manufacturing of ammunition started in South Africa.

PMP has a turnover of more than R600 million per year, of which 60% is exported. The company is thus a valuable earner of foreign exchange, and provides jobs to 1 300 to 1 500 people on the western side ofPretoria.

Issued by: Pretoria Metal Pressings


For further information:

Carel Wolhuter,CEO, at 012 686 1117 or 082 927 6844 or JC Müller, marketing manager: Sporting Ammunition, at 012 318 1536 or cell 082 940 2191

Brief overview of PMP’s role in hunting ammunition:

Production of military .303 ammunition started in South Africa during 1938, and this round was also widely used to hunt in those early years. During the 2nd World War, 45% of the .303 ammunition used by the Allied Forces came from PMP – a staggering 768 million rounds. During the 1960s and early 70s, hunting ammunition was imported from Hirtenberger in Europe, but was packed under the PMP brand and distributed by Musgrave. The manufacture by PMP itself of 7,65 and 6,35 ammunition started in 1970 and was followed by the .270 and .308 calibres in 1971. The very successful PROAMM hunting range has been manufactured since 1992, and is well-known for excellent accuracy and terminal effect. This range has been marketed with great success in Europe and the USA. PMP manufactures about 100 million rounds of ammunition per year, of which 5 million rounds are hunting ammunition. Distribution takes place via five wholesale depots across southern Africa, and 400 dealers stock PMP’s products to sell to the man in the street.