30 x 173mm ammunition for new Badger infantry fighting vehicle


PMP received a development order for three rounds, namely PRAC-T, APCI-T and SAPHEI-T, in February 2007. The development was to take place in parallel with the Camgun 30 weapon development of DLS.

The weapon/ammunition interface requirements as well as performance requirements and specifications of the ammunition were extremely tight.

The major challenges and risks centred on the following parameters:


Ballistic matching of all three types

Weapon functioning

The dispersion and weapon functioning were found to be the most challenging. PMP complies with very strict specifications and tolerances, and is therefore proud to report that all the above challenges were overcome by relentless perseverance of all involved.

If one takes into account the time between cycles of design, manufacture and test, which sometimes can be months at a time, the project was completed over a relatively short period.

The quality is comparable with any other supplier of 30mm x 173mm ammunition in the world. The ammunition is interchangeable with the Bushmaster II Weapon, and linked ammunition has already been fired successfully on this weapon.

PMP is ready to go into the production phase and is working hard to secure orders.

A mixed consignment of 11 000 rounds has recently been manufactured, tested, accepted and delivered to DLS for Cannon and Turret qualification tests.

PMP is also developing a HEI-T round to complement the SAPHEI-T in combat. The HEI-T is more effective against thin skin vehicles and light targets, whereas the SAPHEI-T is more effective against light armoured vehicles and targets when deeper penetration is required.

To further extend the war capability of the range of ammunition, PMP is also considering producing an APFSDS-T round in co-operation with another international manufacturer.

The ammunition is compatible with the Bushmaster MK II and MK 44 canon and linked or unlinked ammunition can be supplied.