Engineering Academy of Learning


Engineering technology leader, Denel Dynamics, is in the privileged and uncommon position of having not one or two, but an entire community of world-class experts in-house. This qualifies the business to propel young engineers through a concentrated funnel of learning and experience that they simply would not find anywhere else.

Respected engineer and former group manager: Mechanical Engineering, Grant Wilson, has accepted a new role to head up the Denel Dynamics Engineering Academy of Learning. ‘We work in the world of rocket science; it is pure engineering at its best.”

Denel Dynamics is of strategic importance to South Africa – it houses the technology, the knowledge and the expertise required to protect the security of this country.  “There are only a few places in the world that manufacture the types of high technology products developed by Denel Dynamics with its innovative missiles and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) solutions. It follows that we need a group of very talented people to perform in specialised roles. The aim of the Academy is to channel raw talent to reach the right levels of experience as quickly as possible.”

Xhead = Experience beyond the norm

Wilson is focussed on growing people exponentially, and providing a 360° experience. “When working in a skilled environment, five years into a career, you may have only experienced the design phase of a project. We want Denel Dynamics’ engineers to fully realise the scope of the job and get excited about it. We need to grow people not only to do a job, but to develop leadership qualities. And we need our senior experts to share their experience and help grow talented youngsters.”

Xhead = A great place for engineers to work

Dynamics will collaborate with universities and schools to harness the talent. The vigour with which the business is pursuing hands-on student experience, coupled with the work which is being done at high school level with the Dynamics Saturday School for Maths is already resulting in pockets of excellence with which the Academy will integrate.