Airbus Defence and Space successfully develops Swiss soldier engagement system to level necessary for series production


Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed the development of the integrated modular engagement system (IMESS) to the level necessary for series production. The order from 2011, worth 23 million Swiss francs, was completed on schedule following technical acceptance by the Swiss procurement authority armasuisse.

IMESS will now undergo two years of field tests. Airbus Defence and Space will provide logistical support for this project.

With IMESS, the Swiss Army has one of the world’s most powerful and hi-tech soldier systems at its disposal. By employing more efficient and powerful components – many of them newly developed – various capabilities have been optimised: tactical command-and-control capabilities from company level to individual soldier level have been improved through the integration of combat vehicles, including computer and radio connections.

Radio communication has been optimised through increased range and new, standardised radio equipment. The use of head/helmet mounted displays provide a clearer situational picture and enable simpler navigation.

The night fighting and reconnaissance capabilities could also be expanded. A modular architecture provides numerous standard interfaces to sensors, such as a thermal imaging device, as well as modules for link-up with external systems, such as unmanned aircraft. The weight and energy balance of the equipment was significantly improved.