Zigo lists SA’s leading jobs in military, police force, law enforcement, security industry


Zigo.co.za is South Africa’s leading jobs aggregator, which has a range of posts in the military, police force, law enforcement and security industry. The defence and military force is one way to curb the high unemployment rates, as the youth is urged to join the military or police force.

Security is also a key concern in South Africa, so Zigo affords security and law enforcement firms the opportunity to browse through a comprehensive database of CVs. Candidates looking for employment in this field can look forward to a comprehensive listing from the site that aggregates the jobs from several reputable Web sites.

Another innovative development in this industry is the entrepreneurial aspect of the security business. Small to medium security businesses often require talent to meet their requirements; Zigo offers a range of companies the opportunity to post jobs for free and browse through a database of CVs. The private security industry is ideal for individuals who are looking for something alternative to joining the police or defence force.

Jobs in the military, police force, law enforcement and security industry require skills across the board in administration, contract management, private detective positions and security management, among others.

In the security industry, a security manager can expect to earn an estimate of ZAR156 000; an operations manager may earn around ZAR132 000; an office administrator may earn around ZAR96 495; and a payroll administrator can expect to earn ZAR118 000.

Candidates who are looking to enter the private security industry need to be registered with the relevant bodies before seeking employment, according to the Private Security Regulation Act. The relevant training ensures a professional is rated according to their skills, ensuring a better salary and the potential to excel in the field. The security industry is rated from Grade A to Grade E, with Grade A paying the highest and E the lowest.