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defenceWeb, Africa’s leading defence news portal, proudly announces the launch of its latest news section, “African News.” From Algeria to Zimbabwe, this dedicated news segment underscores its commitment to providing unparalleled coverage of defence affairs not only within South Africa but also across the whole of Africa.

This expansion resonates deeply with defenceWeb’s overarching ethos encapsulated in the payoff line, “Africa’s leading defence news portal.”

Editor Guy Martin highlights the benefits for defenceWeb’s audience, stating, “The launch of this new section gives our readers access to timely updates from across the continent in one place, enabling defence professionals to more easily stay informed about the latest developments in defence affairs across Africa, from rebel attacks to equipment deliveries and the use of new defence technology.

“With growing instability across Africa – notably coups, terrorism and piracy – there is a huge need for timely and accurate news on African defence and security developments. All that can now be found in one easy-to-access section on defenceWeb.”

With the inauguration of “African News,” defenceWeb reaffirms its dedication to providing its 400 000-strong audience with timely, insightful, and reliable coverage that fosters a deeper understanding of defence and security matters across the continent.

The benefits to defenceWeb readers include:

In-depth Analysis: Gain access to insightful analysis and commentary from expert journalists and analysts, providing context and perspective on critical defence issues.

Comprehensive Coverage: “African News” offers comprehensive coverage of defence topics, including military operations, security challenges, defence technology, and geopolitical developments.

Enhanced Understanding: Deepen your understanding of Africa’s defence landscape, enabling you to make informed decisions and navigate complexities within the region.

The “African News” portal can be accessed here.

About defenceWeb:

defenceWeb remains the largest, most credible and widely read defence and security news website in Africa, with over 1 500 stories published per year. Established as a trusted source of information for defence professionals, policymakers, and enthusiasts, defenceWeb remains committed to delivering accurate, insightful, and objective coverage of defence matters in Africa. With 400 000 unique visitors and a million page views per month, defenceWeb delivers quality news coverage and gives sponsors vast reach into the African market.