DSI successfully concludes African military contract


Decisive Solutions International (DSI) has successfully delivered a comprehensive advisory services contract to the military of an African government in half the agreed upon time.

The contract was awarded to DSI in February 2014 and allowed 12 months for delivery. The DSI Project team mustered all resources and the required deliverables were presented to and accepted by the client within six months.

The scope of work of the contract included programmes for:

* The restructuring of the Armed Forces into an affordable, modern defence and police force.
* The restructuring of the Armed Forces resulted in retrenching soldiers whose services were no longer required. DSI drafted a demobilisation plan, which makes provision for preparing the veterans to re-integrate into society and communities equipped with skills that can contribute to the development of the economy and welfare of the country. The plan provided for the establishment of technical and agricultural schools.
* The development and establishment of a Special Forces unit.
* The development and establishment of an Oil Police Force.

The government has started to implement the plans and is in the process of appointing DSI to execute some of the programmes.

This contract, added to an impressive list of recently delivered contracts, underlines DSI’s unique capabilities. Recently delivered contracts include training contracts in Saudi Arabia, establishing medical clinics in Mogadishu, security services in Uganda and training of special forces in a southern African country.

DSI is now well established and ready to provide services of excellence to its clients. For more information on DSI, please visit http://www.dsi-int.com/