MTU SA celebrates 1 500 engines with DCD Protected Mobility


MTU South Africa (MTU SA), a leading supplier of diesel engines and diesel and gas energy systems in sub-Saharan Africa, is proudly celebrating the 1 500th engine delivery to DCD Protected Mobility, a division of DCD, for project Husky.

The locally-produced Husky is DCD Protected Mobility’s flagship product and has proven itself in combat and conflict situations around the world since the early 1980s. Originally developed for South African specifications, the Husky is now being used successfully by a number of countries such as Canada, the USA, Britain, France, Australia, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, and most recently, Spain.

The compact MTU 6R106TD20 engine supplied by MTU SA was selected for the Husky due to its force of 150kW at 2 200U/min required by this 4×4 vehicle. With this powerful engine under its hood, the Husky manages difficult off-road terrain as well as steep hills without problems.

MD of MTU SA, Alan Rees, said: “We as MTU SA are proud of our partnership with DCD Protected Mobility and look forward to growing our businesses together with future projects. The Husky project is a great success story for our land defence industry, and we would like to once again congratulate DCD Protected Mobility.”