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Chute Systems is a world leader in the training of military personnel. The company was created in 2003 by a core group of ex-South African paratroopers who all have extensive military and operational experience gained from practical experience in various theatres of war.

Chute Systems is a South African company and consists of specialist airborne training and parachute equipment supply divisions. Chute Systems is geared to deliver a holistic service to the market.

We are proud of our brand’s reputation in the marketplace and our expertise, resources and service delivery records exceed customer expectations. Chute Systems leads the market by example with service levels second to none.

Xhead = Pre-Selection and Selection

As part of our Static Line Parachute Training programme, all students must undergo a seven-week pre-selection phase, during which students are physically and mentally prepared for the selection.

At the end of the seven weeks, students are required to pass the Parachute Selection Phase, during which their military skills, fitness and mental capabilities are tested to the maximum. Only students who successfully complete the selection phase are allowed to proceed with the Basic Static Line Parachute Jump Course. The pass rate of pre-selection and selection is approximately 30% to 40% of the group that starts.

Xhead = Basic Static Line Jump Course

The Basic Static Line Parachute Jump Course consists of a four-week training programme that includes one week of ground school training and three weeks of practical parachute jumping. During the first week, students are taught all the relevant parachute drills and techniques to the satisfaction of our world-class instructors. During the last three weeks, students must successfully execute nine parachute jumps, which consist of five clean fatigue jumps, a combat webbing and weapon jump, a personal weapons container (PWC) jump and a night jump.

Xhead = Basic Military Free Fall Course

The Military Basic Free Fall Course is one of the several advance skills training courses offered by Chute Systems. Military Free Fall is considered to be one of the military’s most demanding and potentially hazardous courses.

The Basic Military Free Fall Course consists of a five-week training programme. The main objective is to qualify Military Free Fall parachutists. This five-week training programme includes one week of ground school training and packing of free fall parachutes. Learners will then start with practical jumping during the last four weeks of the course. The learners need to complete the free fall training programme that includes falling stable in the free fall position, and to do all the different free fall manoeuvres such as half series, spins and tracks. The jumps will also include basic body stabilisation, basic aircraft procedures, combat equipment and night descents.

Xhead = Advanced Military Free Fall Course

This Free Fall Training Program is a two-week training package allowing Special Forces Groups the ability to train and sustain a Military Free Fall capability on a regularly scheduled basis. This free fall programme is intended to sustain proficiency prior to combat operations.

All training emphasis will be focused on canopy control skills, night jumps, combat equipment and team jumps. Teams will receive currency training from a Chute Systems Military Free Fall instructor on all advanced Military Free Fall techniques. The jumps will also include advanced aircraft procedures to include individual exits with combat equipment, mass exits, grouping exercises and night operations. This training programme will also be a prerequisite for high altitude operations (HAHO and HALO).

Xhead = High Altitude Course (HAHO and HALO)

This course is also presented by Chute Systems and the duration is four weeks. The aircraft drills and oxygen procedures will be done in week one. HALO and HAHO will be done in the last three weeks. Students will do a total of 20 jumps. These jumps will include night jumps and combat equipment jumps.

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