SYPRIS and CASSIDIAN form international strategic alliance


Sypris Electronics, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions, announced today that it has signed a Technology Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with Cassidian, formerly known as EADS Defence & Security, the second largest division within the EADS Group. The TIEA will enable the global leverage of mutual capabilities in several critical information assurance areas, including key management, secure communications, and cyber security.

Specifically, the TIEA between Sypris Electronics and Cassidian allows the Companies to expand their market reach for existing information assurance hardware and software solutions, by utilizing new domestic and international sales channels. This agreement gives Sypris and Cassidian an opportunity to round out their respective portfolios as they relate to global information assurance.

“For years, Sypris and Cassidian have protected the most classified data and networks in the world,” stated John Walsh, President of Sypris Electronics. “This agreement allows access to best-in-class technologies, which will help both organizations to launch new secure, robust, and comprehensive security solutions that will benefit the U.S. Government, International Ministries of Defence, and aerospace and defence contractors worldwide.”

Doug McGinn, VP of Security Solutions at Cassidian, said "This relationship provides a unique opportunity for our companies to work together and leverage our products and capabilities to address the growing need for information security across the global cyber domain”.