High-performance electronics from CASSIDIAN enable NATO joint missions


Cassidian, the recently re-named defence and security division of EADS, has received a follow-on contract from US-based ViaSat Inc. to deliver high-performance electronics enhancing NATO’s network-enabled datalink capabilities. The contract covers the production and delivery of 1,000 Power Amplifiers for the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) of the US and European NATO forces.

“The follow-on contract strengthens our presence in the United States, which is an important market for us. Since 2002 we have delivered 3,000 Power Amplifiers”, says Bernd Wenzler, CEO Cassidian Electronics. “As the Power Amplifier is one of the performance-critical components in any datalink, this confirms our reliability and technological competence in this sensitive field.”

MIDS is a Link-16 datalink, which incorporates high-capacity, jam-resistant, digital communication links for exchange of tactical information (both data and voice) among NATO aircraft, ships and ground stations. Thus, MIDS enables joint services missions and interoperability.

In the area of data link electronics, Cassidian has also delivered data links for the German reconnaissance drone KZO and has been awarded a contract to develop the most challenging broadband electronics of Germany’s future software defined radio programme.