CASSIDIAN to modernise air defence training of German Armed Forces


Under a contract of the German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB), the company is responsible for delivering a high-performance picture and scenario generator to be used in the so-called “STINGER dome trainers” at the Fassberg und Todendorf bases, which are the training centres for the STINGER air defence system. The STINGER dome trainer is the only indoor system enabling an interactive training of air defence soldiers in a virtual 360-degree environment.

This modernisation measure involves the implementation of a new technology for presenting environmental and mission scenarios, thus serving to increase the training operation for the STINGER/Fliegerfaust 2 air defence system. The modernised system is intended to be put into operation at the end of 2011. The core of the modernisation is a digital multichannel video projection system which considerably increases presentation quality. It offers completely new options for scenario and landscape simulation as well as for the presentation of weather conditions and moving elements such as smoke, vehicles, enemy forces, etc.

For training with the STINGER air defence system the operator is presented with a landscape and mission scenario including ground and aerial targets in a projection dome with a diameter of 20 metres. The aerial targets are engaged using a weapon simulator.