CASSIDIAN protects Swedish Soldiers in transportation missions


The Swedish Procurement Agency (FMV Försvarets Materialverk) selected the Cassidian system based on the superior capabilities TransProtec has shown in deployments by the German Armed Forces. Answering an urgent operational requirement, Cassidian has delivered two systems to Sweden this month. In addition to the hardware, Cassidian provides the full logistical and maintenance support to the Swedish Forces including in-theatre service.

TransProtec is based on a heavily protected container with autonomous power supply and air conditioning. Due to the modular equipment philosophy of TransProtec, the system can be adapted to various configurations such as transportation, mobile medical care and command & control. In addition, the containerized nature of TransProtec allows the transporting vehicle to be used for other operational needs with a very short upload/unload time.

By operating TransProtec, Armed Forces benefit from a protected personnel transport capability at very favourable operating costs due to its high passengers-per-vehicle ratio. TransProtec can carry up to 18 passengers plus equipment and offers optimal protection against attacks from improvised explosive devices, sniper fire, shell fragments, mines and ABC substances. Such a protection is decisive in reducing the risk of casualties as currently experienced in Afghanistan. In a transportation configuration, the innovative ergonomics concept allows for a high level of transport comfort superior to conventional armoured transport vehicles.