Botswana Police Service selects LEO II-A5-EP Airborne Observation System


Today, the Botswana Police Service signed a contract with Eurocopter Southern Africa for the purchase of three AS 350 B3 helicopters, together with mission equipment, to launch its newly established Police Air Wing. The Carl Zeiss Optronics LEO-II-A5 Extended Performance (EP) has been selected as the preferred airborne observation system. The LEO-II-A5-EP enhances and expands the aircraft’s ability to perform long range search and rescue, surveillance, reconnaissance, and other observation missions under all environmental conditions.

“We are ecstatic with this selection by Eurocopter and the Botswana Police Service, and continuously seek such opportunities to supply and support our unique, edge leading technology offered in this system”, says Mr Kobus Viljoen, MD of Carl Zeiss Optronics.

Neighbouring country Namibia is also in the process of unveiling its new Police Air Wing with the LEO-II-A5-EP also been selected as the airborne observation system to equip their AS 350 B3 helicopter.

The LEO-II-A5-EP airborne observation system is the system of choice for Police Air Support Units worldwide.  It is used to enhance public safety and improve mission effectiveness.  It continues a proud tradition of the LEO product family by supporting law enforcement operations through a multi-sensor payload equipped with the latest technology sensors.

The selected LEO-II-A5-EP configuration includes the latest generation 640 x 480 high resolution 8-9 µm Focal Plane Array (FPA) QWIP thermal imager with three Fields of View, a 3-CCD daylight TV Camera with a powerful zoom lens spatially matched to the thermal imager FOV, wide spectrum Spotter TV Camera with a dual colour and B&W capability providing close-in image magnification (0.35° H), video autotracker, searchlight slaving kits, and an eye-safe laser pointer which enhances the operational effectiveness by covert marking of points of interest.

This sensor combination provides the operator with best picture performance under all operational conditions, high altitude, long slant distance operation thereby enhancing safety and covert surveillance.