BAE Systems highlights trial success story at DSEI exhibition


“Success in these tough conditions is a testament to the quality of our products,” said Johan Steyn, Managing Director Land Systems South Africa.  “We are extremely proud of this achievement, and with many of our RG series vehicles already battle proven, the RG41 is another example of BAE Systems enhancing customer safety while helping them complete their missions.”

The RG41 Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicle, which was formally launched last year, features a unique modular mine protected design and integrated independent suspension and driveline. The vehicle is a cost effective and highly versatile wheeled combat vehicle suitable for multiple theatres.  With a semi-V shaped hull, high payload capacity, class leading turning circle and excellent power-to-weight ratio, the RG41 meets demanding mobility and protection requirements.

The RG41 platform on display at the UK Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition has also been put to the test through five landmine explosions under the repairable bottom structure.  The vehicle on display is complete with various other BAE Systems components integrated in the vehicle, such as TRT, LATIS, ERDE and SCROTH ® seats and restraints.

Tactical Remote Turret (TRT)

TRT-25 is a remotely operated turret designed specifically to provide self protection and ground fire support for Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs), Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). While its light weight reduces overall vehicle load, the turret packs powerful combat capabilities.

The TRT-25 draws on BAE Systems’ experience in previous remote turret technology development. It is designed as a high performance and effective threat neutraliser achieving a firing range of more than 2,000 meters, with day/night fighting and observation capability. The turret’s control station can be integrated anywhere in the vehicle allowing for increased vehicle internal space for crew or extra payload. This simple adaptation to vehicles makes it suitable for deployment in multiple theatres.

LATIS (Local and Tactical Information System)


As an affordable, 24-hour, 360 degree ‘see through armour’ indirect vision system, LATIS provides an information sharing network that interfaces to cameras and sensors mounted on the vehicle to provide situational awareness to those inside the vehicle. The network allows sharing of video and data between crew stations. Using the LATIS software, video data can be processed to enhance the information content of imagery and live images can be stitched to create seamless 360° coverage. The RG 41 demonstration will include Check-6™ rear-view infrared camera system that is designed to fit in a vehicle taillight housing as well as a Driver’s Vision Enhancer providing an all weather, all environment capability.  

Imagery from LATIS provides a clear field of view in all weather and degraded visual environments, with the ability to identify objects and people with unmatched clarity, enabling soldiers to focus on their missions. The technology is Internet-based and uses commercial, off-the-shelf components, delivering a low-cost solution that reduces obsolescence issues. It is also highly scalable to a variety of sensors, displays, and crew stations, and is adaptable for armoured fighting vehicles and mine-protected patrol vehicles.

Explosive Resistant Display Equipment (ERDE)


The RG41 situational awareness display will utilise Rockwell Collins ERDE display incorporating BAE Systems digital mapping software.  The display has been designed to withstand IED explosions and remain fixed in the vehicle in operation.  ERDE compliments the Rockwell Collins ERGR (Explosion Resistant GPS Receiver) which has proven itself in combat in Afghanistan.

SCHROTH® Mine Blast Seating/Restraints

The lightweight troop mine blast seating systems with All Belts to Seat (ABTS) restraint system is a patented suspended seating solution with integrated footrest.  Seating options include forward, rear and side facing installations. The system also includes an extensive range of restraint solutions for driver, crew and top cover/gunner positions.

The RG41 and all these systems can be viewed on the DSEi vehicle display area near entrance S3.