Saab Grintek Defence partners with Specialist Maritime Services


Preempting or reacting to any crisis effectively requires a good grip of the current situation, an understanding of the nature of the challenge faced, excellent all-informed communications and a platform to speed up the decision-making cycle of those charged with leading in such instances.

While fundamentally a human challenge, the rapid development of 21st century technologies has eased the burden on operational leaders charged with ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness. Key to this is choosing the correct command, control, communications, computing and intelligence (C4I) platform to maximise this vital function.

Saab has developed a compact, highly flexible and scalable fully integrated C4I suite, ideally suited to the high risk oil and gas operational environment that represents excellent value for money. SAFEC4I and TactiCall facilitates command and control of integrated operations with key features such as connecting different communications technologies regardless of radio band, frequency or hardware on one user interface, providing real-time information and intelligence-led situational awareness.

This eliminates the need for multiple, bulky interfaces that clutter the operations centre, distracting the focus of operators. By reducing clutter, situational awareness, focus, clarity of thought and timely and effective decision-making is enhanced.

Saab approached Specialist Maritime Services (SMS) to partner with it to provide advice from an end-user perspective and support to expand the introduction of the system into the African oil and gas market. SMS has extensive C4I and crisis management experience gained in the chaotic, uncertain and often hostile environments of the operational military, law enforcement and security industries. As end-users of legacy and similar products in operational environments, SMS realises the value of such a unique, dynamic and user friendly system, maximising operational efficiency and effectiveness, allowing leaders and managers to remain a step ahead in the vital decision-making cycle, through its focus on empowering the decision-maker to make crucial operational decisions on a daily basis.

Of particular interest to end-users is the dual utility of SAFEC4I and TactiCall. The system increases daily operational efficiency as well as maximises operational effectiveness in times of crisis. This is achieved through the unique features such as the ability of the SAFEC4I and TactiCall systems to integrate legacy hardware with modern systems, eliminating the need for additional spend on extra resources. Secondly, the system itself facilitates and assists in grouping and allocating resources to deal with routine issues and flashpoints as they arise based on the 24/7 situational awareness.

This 24/7 situational awareness the technology provides allows for preemptive decision-making in crises, such as threat of attack, by providing a current and projected intelligence picture and a direct link to host nation law enforcement agencies. Preemptive decision-making is facilitated through access to information and intelligence far quicker than previous and similar systems and reaction times are sped up exponentially. This represents fantastic value for money from an already very competitively priced system.

In summary, the SAFE C4I and TactiCall systems provide the following:

* One central user interface across the system;
* Cross-connect voice communications system;
* Remote control on all levels;
* Legacy integration;
* Intuitive HMI interconnecting old and new systems across platforms and technological borders; and
* Fully integrated command and control.

Most importantly, it is a C4I system with a proven track record that represents excellent value for money.

Clients include the navies across the world and numerous Oil & Gas industry majors.

SAFE C4I product brochure – Click here
TactiCall product brochure – Click here

Specialist Maritime Services, a division within the Atlantis group of companies, provides market information, access and entry support to businesses across the African continent. As a South African government and UN accredited security and related services provider, SMS is well placed to support organisations wishing to expand their strategic footprint across the continent. SMS has achieved operational success in South Africa, Mozambique, Cameroon, Somalia and Namibia.