JUNGHANS MICROTEC has entered into exclusive negotiations with ATLANTIS Group company, AMMS Pty Ltd as the recipient of its mortar fuze technology.


The two companies are negotiating a long term manufacturing license for local needs of the internationally known DM111 series fuze.

The DM111 fuze was already previously supplied by JUNGHANS MICROTEC to the SA ARTILLERY for the 120mm M5 system by AMMS.

AMMS stated that the high reliability of the DM111 and the DM93 Time fuze had been key in retaining and also securing new customers.

AMMS is the recipient of the technology in the form of manufacture data packages and the local adaptation of the fuze will include the RDM booster and detonic chain. This license arrangement will result in locally produced fuzes and components for local markets.

Since 2006 a total of 1.4 Million DM111 fuzes had been produced with zero failures over 1600 rounds fired during acceptance tests.

The DM93 has a similarly impressive record in the same period and had fired 2880 rounds with 1.2 million produced, also without failure.

ATLANTIS also represents RAYTHEON Precision Systems and facilitated the PAVEWAY 2 weapon system for the GRIPEN with SEI Italy MK 82 series Insensitive Munition filled forged steel bombs for the Aircraft’s OT&E weapon phase.

ATLANTIS supplies the SA NAVY submarine squadron with the multi influence signature analysis and deperming system equipment from ULTRA UK and emergency signals from THALES Australia.