Atlantis Systems Technologies develops Ballistic Protected Life Jacket


Atlantis Systems Technologies (AST), part of the Atlantis Corporation Group of Companies, has successfully combined ballistic body armour and an inflatable life jacket into a single system for maritime operations.

This requirement was identified by the armed guard operators that accompanied the vessels through the Indian Ocean pirate waters. A further need for the crew of intercept boats conducting investigation of suspect vessels included not only ballistic protection, but automatic inflation of the life vest should the crew member be injured or rendered unconscious.

AST entrusted Zero Industries to take its concept to manufacture, utilising its 48 years of production experience to produce the OYSTER BPLJ ballistic armoured vest.

The OYSTER BPLJ, with an integrated automatically inflating life jacket vest, can comfortably be worn while performing duties at sea, allowing the wearer to dress in the vest easily and enjoy prolonged wear in a moving boat. It combines the properties of a bullet resistant vest with that of a buoyancy life vest, with the life vest behind the body armour to give increased protection.

OYSTER BPLJ provides all-round protection, which includes the region around the shoulders and side of torso in accordance to NIJ Level 3A. It has an automatic inflatable value which activates within three seconds of water immersion, with a standby manual operation toggle. Ballistic plates (front and rear) are used in conjunction with a bullet resistant vest and the level of protection and type of plate can be tailored to the client’s discretion.

OYSTER BPLJ allows sufficient buoyancy for the fully-equipped operator and his weapon to be kept afloat and ensures his face is held clear of the water.

The vest also allows easy recovery from the sea, with a grab handle for recovery. Additional items such as pistol holsters, magazine and radio pouches can also be installed by the user to his liking through a system of retaining straps.

For more information, contact AST on ++ 27 21(0) 914 4388 or [email protected].