ATLANTIS allocated 20 year local production fuze licensed


AMMS the defence ordnance company belonging to the ATLANTIS CORPORATION Group of companies received an extension to the original JUNGHAMS MICROTEC 40mm SELF DESTRUCT Fuze local production license.

The Fuze M0726A1 was adapted in co operation with RHEINMETALL DENELMUNITIONS and LAINGSDALE ENGINEERING to incorporate local detonic component elements and mechanical components to function on both HE and HEDP ammunition.

The production line at LAINGSDALE ENGINEERING was upgraded utilizing some new process machinery from Germany and other locally manufactured production work stations.
The M0726A1 is qualified on RDM ammunition available in belted HEDP ammunition as the M0725A1 and the DIEHL HEDP STRIKER Ammunition.

It is also under consideration by other European Ammunition Manufacturers as the fuzes can be shipped by sea or air transport.

Adaptation to the new Medium Velocity SELF DESTRUCT Fuze international requirements has been conducted and is currently under qualification.

The SD Fuze meets the UN CCW Protocol v requirement for Unexploded remnants of war as the fuze self destructs the unexploded round (UXO). This capability is very attractive in protecting own advancing troops and the returning civilian population post the battle. The massive cost of post battle clean-ups have left many tracks of valuable land unavailable for population in many countries for year after wars.