Streambox Partners with AST to Enable Satellite Customers to Access Streambox Live – Video Contribution Service


By downloading the Streambox Live encoding software free of charge onto a laptop field news crews and other organisations using AST’s services can now transmit live or file-based video via mobile satellite terminals.

“Broadcasters are increasingly demanding a ‘pay as you go’ broadcast model to more closely map their usage to service costs,” said Mark Sykes, AST’s Airtime Director. “Combine that with new cost effective streaming pricing from Inmarsat and AST’s optimised Internet routing solution (Performance IP), which makes BGAN live broadcasts over the Internet a reality, and you have the perfect solution for all types of broadcasters wishing to relay news and events in real time from remote areas of the world using satellite IP services.”

Through the AST/Streambox partnership, all video transmitted by Streambox Live users will be automatically streamed to AST’s Streambox Live Server. Users will be able to set up an account, browse the Streambox Live Server, and select videos to manage, route, and broadcast live. The Streambox Live Server adds Forward Error Correction (FEC) to the video stream and transmits the video to the customer with added packet redundancy and recovery for smooth video playout with minimal latency, and the highest-possible picture quality.

Brian Raine, Vice President, Business Development at Streambox added, “This new service has had great adoption and is particularly attractive to medium and smaller sized broadcasters in emerging markets who often find alternatives too expensive.”

More information about Streambox Live available through AST can be found online at