Now available from AST – Personnel GPS Tracking via BlackBerry


Personnel can now be tracked using a standard (approved model) BlackBerry handset. The BlackBerry needs only to have a standard data enabled SIM card and be correctly configured to access the GPRS network. The handset will function as normal even when the tracking application is running. The tracking application can be run in Stealth Mode with the software running seamlessly in the background. It is not then apparent that the tracking software is installed.

* Standard reporting intervals from 5 seconds upwards Reporting frequency is configured from the BlackBerry

* Uses GPRS Network

* BlackBerry retains all normal usage functions

* Stealth Mode (application is hidden whilst running in the background)

* Panic Alert Function

* Panic Alert display is a covert Vibrating confirmation of panic alert

* Panic Alert deployment can increase reporting frequency. Software can be disabled from BlackBerry

A panic alert can be sent by holding down the space bar for five seconds, releasing it, the handset will then vibrate, press again to send alert as confirmation. An alert can be sent discreetly, even from inside a pocket! The text in panic alert mode can be changed to read as if a new contact is being added, thus enabling a panic alert to be sent covertly. The software can be configured so as the sending of a panic alert can also increase the frequency of reporting. Panic alerts can be sent to two individual email addresses simultaneously.

The DataGate Tracking software can be hosted on the clients own server, thus removing any third party hosting and increasing security.

For further information and full technical specifications, please email [email protected] or call +44(0)1493 440011