New SAILOR 900 Ku-Band VSAT From Applied Satellite Technology


AST are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 900 Ku-band VSAT antenna.

The New SAILOR 900 Ku-Band VSAT is a powerful, quick and easy-to-deploy stabilised antenna which has a superb build quality and high reliability which is synonymous with the SAILOR brand.

Designed by Thrane & Thrane’s engineers the new SAILOR 900 Ku-band VSAT antenna is the result of extensive market and technology research features:

* High performance RF design

* Antenna radome matches in size the SAILOR 90 Satellite TV

* Single coax cable between antenna and antenna controller

* Integrates to leading VSAT modem units

* 4 axis stabilized low-profile design *

Antenna Control Unit (ACU) with multiple

* LAN and diagnostics ports

* Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)

The SAILOR 900 Ku-band VSAT is the forth Ku0-band product in Thrane & Thrane’s SAILOR line-up, this includes:


* SAILOR 60 Satellite TV *

* SAILOR 90 Satellite TV *


The SAILOR 900 Ku-band VSAT is an important milestone in Thrane & Thrane’s strategy to support the maritime broadband market with high quality products. This new addition to the SAILOR line-up complements the highly successful SAILOR FleetBroadband range and the recently launched SAILOR Satellite TV systems.

The SAILOR 900 Ku-band VSAT was recently announced by Thrane & Thrane at SMM 2010 in Hamburg (07-10 September 2010), and will be able for purchase from Q1 2011.

For further information and to register your interest to purchase, please contact AST on [email protected]