Naval Monitoring Products (OMNI-A0205 & SYST-A0005)


Alaris Antennas manufactures Naval rated monitoring antennas. There are two approaches: Omni directional (OMNI-A0205) vs rotating high gain directional antennas (SYST-A0005).


This vertically polarised omni-directional antenna consists of an active antenna array, covering 20 to 6000 MHz. The antennas are combined under 1 compact radome and output in either a single (OMNI-A0205-01) or two connectors (OMNI-A0205-02). The active part of the antenna protects the system from excessive field strengths and boosts low level signals.

The active version of this antenna relies on DC power injection on the output port of the antenna. The antenna is best utilised with the MISC-A0022 power supply for this purpose. The OMNI-A0205-01 features a passive-bypass mode which is engaged when the antenna is not powered. In this mode, the antenna is completely passive, allowing for low distortion measurements in the presence of high incident fields.

Based on the OMNI-A0098, the antenna is mechanically hardened to withstand the harsh environments experienced in maritime applications.


The SYST-A0005 is an above deck shipborne antenna and rotator used for detecting and monitoring of communication signals. The high gain antennas can be rotated to align with the direction of the emitter.

The product features two wideband LPDA antennas on a single mast with a rotator for aiming and scanning all angles. It has an internal rotary joint which allows for 360° coverage, and low-loss internal cables.

The SYST-A0005 is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, specifically high winds, water and salt.

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