Alaris Antennas Foldable High-Power LPDA Antennas


Alaris Antennas has a new range of Foldable High-Power Log Periodic Dipole Antennas (LPDA)s which cover a wide range of frequency bands. The antennas can also be customised should the user require a different frequency band to be covered.

LPDA in deployed configuration

Alaris Antennas’ LPDAs provide a low and stable VSWR across the wide band of coverage and are in most cases capable of handling continuous power inputs of 1000 W or more. The antennas can be deployed in either a horizontal or a vertical polarisation configuration.

The new range of LPDAs are unique in that they have foldable elements which allow the antenna to be deployed and stowed within a few minutes, without requiring any additional tools and without having to remove any parts from the antenna.

LPDA in stowed configuration.

The folding mechanism allows for easy deployment on installations where the operator has limited room to manoeuvre and to easily do so whilst wearing protective gear such as cold weather gloves. These antennas are ideal for installation on vehicles or shelters.

The range of antennas include full size and reduced size antennas which allow the user to do a trade-off between performance and system installation limitations.
Below are the current LPDA designs offered by Alaris Antennas. Please click on each product to view it on our website.

Product Code Frequency Range Size (deployed) Typical Gain
LPDA-A0150 20 – 100 MHz 6320 mm x 5700 mm 7 dBi
LPDA-A0154 30 – 512 MHz   4900 mm x 3050 mm 6 dBi
LPDA-A0163 30 – 100 MHz   4500 mm x 3050 mm 6 dBi
LPDA-A0165 30 – 512 MHz   5010 mm x 5350 mm 7 dBi

Alaris Antennas also offer customisation of antennas, should the above range not meet the client needs.

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