Electronic warfare coming under the spotlight in November


The Association of Old Crows (AOC) Aardvark Roost Chapter will host the second Electronic Warfare South Africa International Conference & Exhibition (EWSA2019) between 4 and 6 November 2019 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria.

EW South Africa 2019 follows the very successful International Conference & Exhibition held in 2017.  This Conference was attended by over 220 industry stakeholders and featured an exhibition component with 13 exhibitors. The Electronic Warfare South Africa 2019 International Conference & Exhibition promises to again be the premier event to enhance networking with military leaders, policy makers and electronic warfare practitioners. The exhibition running alongside the conference allows visitors to meet with industry solutions providers and to see demonstrations of the latest innovations and technologies shaping the future of electromagnetic operations.

The programme will start on Monday, 4 November, with two exciting workshops followed by a two day programme that will aim to proactively stimulate and connect the local and international community of electronic warfare practitioners, military leaders, policy makers, and members of government, academia, science and technology and research and development by presenting the most current thought leadership and innovation available.

Workshop 1 – Electro-optical System Simulation: Practical Perspectives and Applications

Presented by Nelis Willers

Infrared missiles pose a significant threat to civilian and military aviation. Man Portable Air Defence Systems (ManPADS) missiles are especially dangerous in the hands of rogue and undisciplined forces. Yet, not all the launched missiles hit their targets; the miss being either attributable to misuse of the weapon or to missile performance restrictions. The aircraft-missile engagement is a complex series of events, many of which are only partially understood. Aircraft and missile designers focus on the optimal design and performance of their respective systems, often testing only in a limited set of scenarios – this is where the important aspect of modelling and simulation comes in; enabling multiple scenarios to be tested at a fraction of the cost of the actual field tests.

Workshop 2 – Cybersecurity in the Banking Industry

Presented by Susan Potgieter and Henry van Jaarsveld

As with any information system, the banking industry remains a lucrative and attractive target for cybercriminals. The South African Banking Risk Information Centre keeps industry and public aware of the latest banking scam and fraudulent activities that threatens economical security. They specialise in identity theft, social engineering, e-mail hacking, vishing, smishing, internet banking, cell phone banking, card fraud, contactless bank cards, ATM fraud, cheque fraud, debit order scams, deposit and refund scams, get-rich-quick-scams, technical support scams, money laundering and many more. With all the threats it is important to remain vigilant and protected against such onslaughts. The utilisation of a Computer Security Incident Response Team is crucial in identifying, analysing and responding to such threats.

Workshop registrations are only open to registered conference participants at a cost of R750 per workshop or if both workshops are registered for, a discounted rate of R1 000 for both will apply. Register now as seats are limited.

If you have any enquiries concerning registrations, programme or logistics, please do not hesitate to contact Danielle Henn at the EWSA2019 Conference Secretariat at tel: +27(0)12 349 2301 or e-mail: [email protected]/[email protected].