Two Egyptian soldiers shot dead near Ismailia


Gunmen killed two Egyptian soldiers on Sunday in an attack on a military facility near the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, a security official said.

A third soldier was wounded in the attack on the base, located on the road between Ismailia and the city of Zagazig, to the west in the Nile Delta. The gunmen opened fire from a passing vehicle, the official said.

Attacks on the security forces have become commonplace since Islamist president Mohamed Mursi was removed from power by the army on July 3 following mass protests against his rule.

His downfall set off an armed campaign against the state by militants in the Sinai Peninsula with links to al Qaeda. Gunmen have also struck in towns and cities to the west of Sinai in the Suez Canal area and the Nile Valley.

The interim government installed by the army says it is fighting a war on terrorism, with the army launching a campaign to re-establish control of the Sinai.

After Mursi’s downfall, the security forces killed hundreds of supporters of his Muslim Brotherhood and arrested some 2,000 more. The Brotherhood says it is committed to peaceful resistance, while the state has described it in terms akin to al Qaeda.