Thales supplies secure communications services for EU Force in Central African Republic


The company was chosen to supply and operate a secure communication and information system in the Central African Republic.

Thales has been chosen by the European Union Force (EUFOR) to supply and operate a highly secure communication and information system in the Central African Republic.

Key points

* Thales’ experience as a provider of secure information and communication systems in Afghanistan proved key to winning this contract.
* Very high level of telecommunication service availability.

The system deployed and operated in theatre by Thales in the Central African Republic employs a wide range of technologies including Satcom and point-to-point PMR radio links, fire-optic links, secure voice over IP (VOIP) and video on demand. All these services are available simultaneously and can be implemented extremely quickly, enhancing operational value for forces in the field. The system also provides data storage and backup for users and military applications. Complex combinations of transmission solutions are required to meet the broad spectrum of operational situations encountered on this deployment, which increasingly call for data and video services as well as voice.

The contract covers three deployment phases. The first phase, involving the provision of secure communication services between chiefs of staff and in-theatre units, was completed in April. The second phase is now under way.

Thales will equip EUFOR’s two points of presence in Bangui as well as the European command headquarters in Larissa, Greece. The Central African theatre network is connected to Larissa via a Satcom link also supplied and operated by Thales.

Thales’ experience as a supplier of information system and secure communication services proved decisive in the contract award. Since 2006, Thales has been delivering secure voice and data communication services for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan.

Thales’ solution guarantees a very high level of telecommunication service availability for EUFOR, with highly qualified Thales on-site personnel operating the system around the clock.

“This success with EUFOR in Central African Republic is a further endorsement of the operational value of our turnkey network operations services and our ability to guarantee extremely high levels of reliability and availability for users,” says Gérard Herby, services director, secure communications and information systems activities, Thales.