Police officer killed in blast near Egypt’s presidential palace


An Egyptian police officer was killed and three others wounded in a small explosion near the presidential palace in Cairo’s Heliopolis district on Monday, security sources said.

State newspaper Al-Ahram reported that security forces were defusing one makeshift bomb found at a street intersection near the presidential palace when a second device exploded.

The blast came days after the militant group Ajnad Misr, or Soldiers of Egypt, said it had planted a series of bombs in the same area to target security forces. It aborted the mission due to concerns that civilians would be hurt but was unable to remove the bombs and released a statement urging caution.

The group formally announced itself in January saying it would target the government after the army ousted elected President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood last year.

Eight people were hurt in a series of explosions last week on Cairo’s metro, the first attacks in the capital since Abdel Fattah al-Sisi became president this month.

Islamist militants have targeted police and soldiers with bomb attacks and shootings since Mursi’s ousting. Thousands of Brotherhood supporters are in jail, and hundreds more have been killed.

The Brotherhood denies any link to the violence.