Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) expands in scale and scope


    Paramount Group and KPE will collaborate in the expansion of KPE into further land, maritime and aerial production lines.

    In support of the Eurasian nation of Kazakhstan’s commitment to further developing industrial capacity, African-based global defence and aerospace business Paramount Group, alongside its subsidiary enterprise, Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE), proudly announced a commitment to collaborate in the expansion of KPE into further land, maritime and aerial production lines.

    The announcement, held during the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (AAD) of 2018 and following an extensive tour of Paramount Group facilities beyond the commitment behind the partnership includes the exploration of KPE manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), fourth industrial revolution-inspired aerial platforms and naval vehicle production, serving as examples of expanding on a portable manufacturing model that has transformed the brand in to a dynamic success story.

    Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) today plays host to one of the largest and most modern armoured vehicle facilities in the world. The factory was originally established to serve the needs of Kazakhstan and surrounding countries; the facility has, however, excelled in both quality and efficiency.

    Founder and executive chairman of Paramount Group, Ivor Ichikowitz, stated: “We have for some time looked forward to the opportunity to further invest KPE capacities, building on the tremendous successes of our manufacturing in country and its graduation to global supply chain provider of land solution, developing new technologies and playing our role in the Kazakh nation’s continued industrialisation and development.”

    Further commitment to defence portable production material stressing a commitment to the nation’s continued industrialisation is presently under way.

    Aibek Baryssov, head of the Supervisory Board of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE), said: “It remains the privilege of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) to collaborate with Paramount Group, an important player within the global defence and security industry. I’m proud beyond words of the exemplary work that we have accomplished in building the KPE brand and hope our success story drives further, cross-sectoral investment opportunities in Kazakhstan in future. We are also very proud to have achieved the high level of quality standards and productivity demanded by Paramount Group in order to be part of its global supply chain.”