Cameroon displays new Chinese military hardware


Cameroon’s armed forces have acquired a variety of new weaponry from China, including infantry fighting vehicles and tank destroyers.

The hardware was revealed during the country’s 42nd National Day parade on May 20, presided over by President Paul Biya. The new hardware displayed included the Type 07P infantry fighting vehicle and PTL-02-type tank destroyer, according to Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Cameroon’s 6×6 tank destroyers are based on the PTL-02 in service with the People’s Liberation Army and are fitted with a 105 mm gun but have some differences compared to their Chinese counterparts.

According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, Cameroon is the first known user of the Type 07P infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). This 8×8 IFV from Poly Technologies is armed with a 30 mm cannon and a coaxial 7.62 mm machinegun. It can carry seven troops in addition to the three crew. Both the regular and command variants of the Type 07P were on display at the parade on Tuesday.

According to the Cameroon Tribune, the Army’s Armoured Reconnaissance Brigade (BBR) has two platoons of Type 07P vehicles and three platoons of tank destroyers in service.

Jane’s Defence Weekly notes that light armoured vehicles that could not be identified were also seen during the parade.

It is not clear how much military hardware has been acquired from China – Cameroon has also ordered two P-108 patrol craft from Poly Technologies for delivery this year. The vessels can accommodate 40 people and are armed with a 76 mm PJ26 cannon. They are being built with funding from the China Exim Bank.

Also taking part in the parade on Tuesday was a single MA60 transport aircraft and several Alpha Jets. Cameroon’s Air Force operates a mostly elderly fleet of Western aircraft but in recent times has acquired new aircraft. In August last year the country ordered Mi-17 helicopters from Russia and in July received a CN235-300 medium transport from Airbus. Last year it was also revealed that the country was once again operating the Bell 206 Jet Ranger.